4 Major Power Gains Car Receives from Remapping

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If you have not heard of remapping or chipping before that means you are also included in the shrinking amount of people who don’t have any idea about this practice which is getting popular day by day.  In recent years the divers have become well aware to the fact that black box is present inside our cars which is responsible for the functioning of the cars. In early days chipping was done by installing a single chip in your car’s electronic unit, but now days this art has converted into the installation of software that is downloaded from the various internet groups then later on installed in car’s electronic unit. I personally would never recommend going through such process as it has great chance of the failure of installation which leads to causing eternal damage to the car engine. Engine remap involves a trip of a local specialist in the settings of the car engine with a laptop so that he may modify all he settings according to latest technology.


Why Bother Remapping?

There are two main reasons for wanting a remap for the car the most important one is because of the software installed inside the electric control unit of the car through which all the parameters are controlled efficiently and the working of the car is muted after crossing some distance to make the driver think that his car needs some up gradation. The computer algorithms which are working behind that computer software are able to control slight details of car such as ignition, fuel timing charging and boost pressure so in order to improve the performance of your car the best place to look is in the black box present under the bonnet of your car. Another main reason which leads to remapping of the car is the torque force which adds torque and lowers down the rev range through which the engine doesn’t have to work as hard as before. Its turbo diesel engines can efficiently enhance the performance of the vehicle; the performance is often regarded eye catching for other drivers.

What Performance Gains will Remap Give my Car?

Most people prefer remapping mostly from places like Ecu remapping near me only because they are bored of their old car and they want more power or some of them go for remapping for better fuel economy, the biggest advantage of remapping is the performance gains which it offers along with the improvement in overall car performance without sacrificing any response.

Turbo Diesel Engine Remapping

Turbo diesel engines respond extremely well to remapping, the torque gains in the engine can be more linear and a more linear power delivery can be released. You can easily expect a 20 to 30 percent increase in the power and torque of the engine after remapping. This extra performance is accessible through rev range in which the car will pull better at higher speeds.

Turbo Petrol Engine Remapping

Turbo engine work extraordinarily with a remap in which the engines pull harder across the rev range and respond far better low in the rev range and at the top end. This is furthermore encouraged with a stronger acceleration in the start and with a significant pull in third and fourth gear.

Natural Aspirated Engine Remapping

These engines do not respond well as compared to other force inducted engine but it overall improves the working and flexibility of the car. It spreads the bhp around and enables the rev range to deliver brisker pace under full load.

Remapping from Hyper Chips

This is also a great way to utilize and make efficient use of the car engine in which the BHP and torque is increases which helps in smooth running of the car.

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