10 Rights You Have After An Accident At Work

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Have you had an accident at work? You may have to go through a lot of suffering after this. This is not limited to financial issues, there is a lot more than that. Even if you have not been involved in an accident, you must know your rights. You never know when an ordinary day can turn into a tough time. Ignorance of one’s rights in such a situation can result in significant losses.

Most of the victims do not know what to do or what not to do after an accident at work. We often hear that people who are injured in an occupational accident can file a work accident claim.

But do you know why so many victims are powerless? They had an accident at work and didn’t know what to do.

They don’t know what their right is. Let’s have a look at a few rights you have after getting injured at work in the UK.

Accident At Work


1. Right of Recording Your Accident

All UK businesses with 10 or more employees must have accident records. This is a book for workers in which they can report work-related injuries. You have the right to enter the details of the incident, such as the time of the incident and the details of the incident. If you are injured in a traffic accident, ask the person concerned to record the accident. This is especially useful when filing a complaint at work. At the moment, the driver could not deny that he did not know about the accident.

2. Right To Photography

If you are injured in an accident at work, try taking a picture with your phone’s camera. If the injury is serious, ask a colleague. Photograph the crash site from all angles and photograph the injuries.

Also, take pictures of your personal belongings that were damaged in the accident. This will strengthen your industrial injury compensation and be more respected. You have the right to film the accident and you must use this right to your advantage.

3. No One Can Force You To Work

Sometimes the injury is so minor that you don’t have to leave work for a long time. However, some accidents can lead to serious injury. You may be resting or seriously injured. So, you may have to stop working for weeks or months.

During this period, your employer cannot force you to return to work. You should only return to work if everything is working out perfectly. If you are injured, your employer cannot fire you or return you to work during this period. You are eligible to take this leave because you were injured during your tenure.

4. Right of Getting The CCTV Footage

There are millions of cameras on the streets of England. Not only that, people have CCTV cameras in homes, offices, restaurants, etc. It is very likely that you will find surveillance cameras at the accident site.

You have the right to use a copy of this video when filing an industrial accident claim. This will help strengthen your case and add weight to your arguments. This increases your chances of winning your case and getting an accident at work compensation.

5. You Can Visit Your Health Specialist

Work accidents can be serious and require medical attention. Minors must also be properly screened and follow medical procedures.

Because medical reports are valuable when they are displayed at work. This report helps you maximize your compensation and helps you meet your industrial accident requirements.

6. You Can Make An Accident At Work Claim

As mentioned earlier, employers are responsible for the safety of their jobs. When in doubt, please share your safety concerns with your parents. If you ignore this problem and have an accident at work, you can file an accident claim.

You have the right to accidents at work because you are not responsible for these accidents. You must file a claim with your employer within three years of the accident. You can claim compensation at any time during this period.

7. You Cannot Be Forced For A Recorded Statement

After investigating the first incident, the insurance claims adjuster can request permission to obtain accident records. Letting them do it is always a bad idea.

They can ask any questions and ask about the validity of your arguments. You can use the words “I think” or “I believe” to weaken the case. They are experts in dealing with victims and know how to catch and confront incidents in the workplace.

8. Right To Hire Injury Claim Specialists

No need to take the case in your own hands. Complex cases such as filing claims, handling claims adjusters and gathering evidence are not easy.

This is not only expensive but also time-consuming. Lack of knowledge also exacerbates the problems you face. So why not let the experts handle your case.

9. You Have a Job Security

Job security is one of the main reasons why many victims do not report accidents at work. Reporting an accident at work is not an easy task if you need to report it to your employer. Victims usually believe they will lose their jobs without filing an accident report.

However, British law provides security in this regard. In the UK, it cannot be fired for filing a workplace accident claim.

10. You Cannot Be Forced For Medical Release

You must be especially careful when dealing with the adjuster. This friendly behaving adjuster actually works for an insurance company. He will do their best to deny or reduce compensation. One of their tactics is to ask victims to sign medical reports.

It is a document that gives nurses direct access to their medical history from a healthcare professional. So they dig out your medical history and try to link your injury to the old accident you got into. Therefore, they try to minimize the reward.

You cannot do this to him. It is best to politely refuse to sign the medical clearance when asked to do so.


We have covered almost all the main rights you have after getting injured at work in the UK. From reporting the accident to your job security, we’ve talked about everything related to your injury at work rights.

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