10 Best DIY gifts for your family and friends on Christmas 

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The favorite festival of the year for everyone is Christmas. Apart from the snowflakes and snowmen, everyone waits for Santa Claus.

Christmas gifts are important for everyone whether it is children or old age relatives.
To save money and to have more effect on the gifts, DIY gifts are trending and loved by everyone.

DIY gifts are easy to make and whoever you are gifting these will have an emotional impact on them.

Here is the list of DIY gifts you can give to your family and friends.


1. Pine-scented Candles

Candles are very easy to make and the best DIY gift too. You can choose different types of scents and shapes for your candles. Even decorate it with some glitter or put it in a fancy Jar. Whoever you give these candles is going to be so happy and these candles will make their home fresh. You can buy the stuff for making and decorating the candles here.

2. Snow globe

Snow globes are so pretty and inexpensive to gift during Christmas. To watch these snow globes is like watching a city filled with snow. These are incredibly easy to make at home. You can take a jar from a shop and some cotton and a small artificial tree. 
To decorate it more you can use glitters and stuff too. These globes add good décor to the house as well. You can buy the jars from here.

3. Homemade Gingerbread Pear Loaf

Christmas invites baking into our houses. Due to the cold weather, ginger or nutmeg ingredients are used to produce heat in the body. his homemade gingerbread pear loaf is perfect for the winter season as well as for Christmas. To bake for someone shows how much effort you put into that and how much you love and care for them. Bake this loaf on Christmas evening for your loved ones and have a merry Christmas.

4. Personalized letters from Santa

Everybody loves Santa and a personal letter from Santa is so much love. Give your kids or any kid in your family these letters to make him/her happy. Write funny jokes or sweet thoughts or a Christmas story for them to read. You can DIY these letters or order them from here.

5. DIY candy dispenser

Candies are a must-have during the Christmas season. From children to old folks, everybody is crazy about candy and has sweet tooth. You can make a candy dispenser at home and it is very easy too. Select the favorite candies of the person who you are gifting and use those for the dispenser too. Whoever ends up with this gift is going to be lucky.

6. DIY bubble bath gift box

A night of pampering is deserved by everyone after the celebrations and workload of such a heavy day. Shop all the essentials you need to have a perfect bath. Add some wine, and a box of chocolate as well for relaxation. Gift this to your best friend or your family. You can also add a letter for a personal touch. Whoever is getting this as a Christmas gift is going to have a hell of a night. You can buy the essentials here.

7. Cutting Board Spice Rack

If you have an old cutting board, you can easily turn it into a spice rack. The spice rack is easy to make and very useful on a daily basis too. Add a leather strap so that you can hang it on the wall in the kitchen. A useful gift for your family or friends is going to be loved by them.

8. Money Tree

If you don’t understand or can’t finalize gifts for someone, you can always give them money. But money in an envelope sounds old-fashioned. This Christmas money tree is easy to make and quick too. It looks like candy but with money. Gift these cute little money trees to the people you cannot finalize gifts for.

9. Chunky knit blanket.

Blankets are a necessity during the winter season. Knit blankets are so expensive. You can make your blanket at home for your family or friends in 3 simple steps. You can also choose your favorite color and knit accordingly. Whoever ends up with this blanket is going to remember it every time you wear it and will love it definitely.

10. Homemade jams

Jams are loved by children and are a must-have spread at the breakfast table. You can always cook a jam of certain fruits at home it is very easy to cook and tasty too due to the fresh fruit. You can gift them in some fancy jar that has Christmas décor on the outside for it to look more Christmas-like. Whoever gets this gift is going to love it and remember you every morning for the same.

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