11 Best Features of Enhanc

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Enhanc is a new digital publishing platform in the publishing world. It has been developed keeping in view of the unique publishing requirements of the marketers, publishers, students, creatives, as well as entrepreneurs. Enhanc offers some of the best features in the most cost effective prices. In this write up we talk about 11 best features of Enhanc.


1. Incorporation of videos

Enhanc digital publishing software lets you add videos in your publication and that too in its basic plan which makes it stand out from the rest. In the present time, when the internet speed is fast and the internet plans do not cost much, the majority of people expect videos in a publication and if your publication does not have it, it could have a major missing. You can also directly add your YouTube and Vimeo videos in your publication with the help of Enhanc.

2. Auto hyperlinking feature

Enhanc digital publishing software does auto hyperlinking of the email addresses and other internal and external links present in your publication. This is a great way to link your internal & external resources and that too without doing any additional efforts.

3. Social media integration

As soon as you finish creating your publication using Enhanc, you have the option to share it on different social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. In the present time and age, the power of social media platforms can’t be neglected. Billions of people reside there. If your readers can share your content on social media websites, you would gain a lot of exposure over and above your brand would start getting recognized.

4. View on all devices

Enhanc auto adjusts your publication, so that it could be viewed on all devices, whether your readers use a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. Further, your publication can be viewed on all browsers and operating systems.

5. Accessibility control

You can control who can access your publications. The accessibility control feature of Enhanc highly secures your publications. You can control accessibility through a password or take your readers to a predefined URL where your readers can fill the details.

6. Paid subscription feature

As discussed in the previous point, you can password protect your publications or take your readers to a predefined URL. This feature not only secures your publications but also provides you the facility to carry out paid subscription management.

7. Monetization

You can earn money through Enhanc by selling monthly or bi-monthly issues to your paid subscribers. And you can also earn money by selling advertisement space on your digital publications to advertisers. Both ways can let you earn a lot of dollars if you do things the right way.

8. Lead generation

You can generate leads through Enhanc and get more clients and thus business. You can incorporate lead generation forms in your publications and gain essential data for your business growth. Enhanc lets you share the preview of your content in order for your customers to sign up to get full access.

9. Reports and Stats

You can garner essential data about your visitors and customers. You can garner data such as page views, OS, location, devices, and much more. These data can help you to adjust according to your customers’ needs.

10. Search engine optimization feature

If you want to rank higher on search engine result pages, you need to adjust your content according to the ranking guidelines of search engines. Enhanc software lets search engine crawlers find your content easily.

11. Customization

Last but not the least in the list of 11 best features of Enhanc; it facilitates you to customize your publications to go with your brand’s theme, color, and logo.

So, these are the list of 11 best features of Enhanc.

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