Top 8 Features of PageTurnPro Flip Book Software

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This article enriches your knowledge about PageTurnPro flip book software for PDF convert into digital publications. I have tested this software to grow my business. The result was wonderful. I will recommend to all.

PageTurnPro is a digital publishing platform that can turn static PDF files into flash feature-rich digital publications. Not like the old school publications, PageTurnPro helps you make advanced digital publications in no time which can add life to your tedious marketing materials and publications. PageTurnPro flip book software for PDF creates real looking publications that you can flip like you are flipping the pages of a physical book.

The method of transforming your PDF files into digital publications is easy and fast. Just upload PDF or batch PDF files and see them getting converted in a matter of minutes.

You can create digital publications such as digital newsletters, digital catalogs, digital magazines, promotional flyers, digital brochures, yearly reports with the help of PageTurnPro.

The great thing about PageTurnPro flip book software for PDF is that you can integrate your publications into your website. And more importantly your readers and visitors don’t have to install any additional plug in or module to view your digital publications. Further, integrating your digital publications on your website is easy and quick.

Not to mention, downloading and reading a digital publication is much more interesting and fun as compared to downloading and reading tedious PDF or batch PDF files.

The expert team of PageTurnPro is always strives to make useful features for their customers and users. The services of PageTurnPro are always customer centric. They work closely with their customers and their feedbacks and update them accordingly.

Discussing the top 8 features of PageTurnPro flip book software for PDF

1) All round Compatibility

By all-round compatibility, we are saying that it is compatible with all browsers, devices, and operating systems available today and are in use. So, whether your users are looking for flip book software for mac or flip book software for iPad, it is available. This thing should be considered on a top priority because if your publications are not viewable on all devices, browsers, and operating systems you will lose a big amount of business.

2) Library creation

PageTurnPro flip book software for PDF offers you make your own library (often known as pubstand) on their cloud. Your publications are available to be read for your readers. Your pubstand will be created with a bespoken background, your logo and a easy going URL.

3) Video incorporation

Your video assets are the life line of your business, thus your customers need to view them right into your website and publications. With the help of PageTurnPro software, you can directly embed your Vimeo and YouTube library into your digital publications.

4) Incorporate Hyperlinks

PageTurnPro flip book software for PDF can detect email addresses as well as URLs in your digital publications and automatically hyperlinks them. You can also use this feature to hyperlink any images and ads in your digital publications.

5) Easy to use and flexible

The software is easy to use and help you to create multiple account managers with simple but robust login settings. You can schedule and edit your publications easy and fast.

6) Lead Generator

You can use your digital publications as a lead generator. You can garner details of your potential clients. You can also use your digital publication as landing pages.

7) Subscription management

PageTurn flipbook software for PDF can help you with your paid subscription. With the help of it, you could effortlessly manage it. You can secure your publications with a password and can give access only to the premium subscribers.

8) Analytics

You can garner all the information associated with your visitors and users such as what devices, OS, or browser he has used or how much time he has spent on your website or digital publication.

All the above features make it the best flip book software 2020 available.

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