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One of the important, expensive (usually interpreted as) and effort-intensive (real) areas of education in medicine and surgery. Various practices around the world comply with the healthcare system, based on the normative customs and education systems of each country. There are 2 medical education patterns based mainly in the USA (United States of America) and the UK (United Kingdom).

The degrees offered to students who follow the American pattern are MD (Doctor of Medicine) and students who follow the British pattern will receive an MBBS degree that is very familiar to us. Except for terminology, there is no significant difference in context between MD (Doctor of Medicine) and MBBS. The colloquially familiar MBBS is used here for the reader to better understand it, but Georgia follows the British medical education pattern and eventually offers an MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree.

About Overseas Education

The best countries to study MBBS in Abroad are Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Germany, China, the Philippines, Australia, Belarus, Canada, Nepal, New Zealand, Tajikistan, and most importantly, Georgia, which is very popular with international students. Those who dreamed of studying MBBS can now spread their wings to study in Georgia. There are many things Georgian international students study MBBS.

Reasons to Study in Georgia

Georgia offers exceptionally the best education for international students who want to study medicine and surgery. In addition, Georgia has some of the best universities in the world that offer medical education, and one such university is the widely recognized CIU, an international Caucasus University in the Tbilisi region of Georgia. There are more viable opportunities to gain international learning and hands-on experience and to enter a community of students made up of applicants from all walks of life. More importantly, you will be educated in English, so there will be no complex language.

Best Infrastructure Facilities

  1. Low cost of living
  2. Affordable education
  3. Internationally recognized degree

There are several advantages to completing the training of MBBS in Georgia. The best thing about admission is that you do not need to take any additional qualification tests. Find out about the eligibility criteria right below!

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