Create Digital Catalog to Attract More Clients

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A digital catalog is the digital version of a paper catalog that could be created using catalog software or a catalog maker. With the development of new technologies, it has become possible to create digital catalog that is designed as multi-page documents that contain interactive elements like video and images.

In general, a digital catalog is a collection of products that can be browsed using a computer or a mobile device. It contains descriptions, images, and other information related to the items. They are commonly used by online stores, manufacturers and publishers to present their products and services.

Catalog software is the best way to create digital catalog and share it with customers or prospects. It provides an amazing experience to the target audience. You can easily convert your PDF files into online catalogs by using catalog software. The software has numerous features which help you in converting PDF files into attractive catalogs.

The software makes it easy to create online catalogs with page turning effect. It is the easiest way to create page flipping catalogs from PDF files. The software can turn your PDF into an interactive, professional and good-looking catalog with page flipping effect without any programming skills required. With the software, you can easily create different kinds of catalogs for various purposes, such as product catalogs, sales magazines, digital menus, digital booklets and so on.


More businesses now use digital catalog software

A digital catalog software program is the most efficient and effective solution for publishing an online catalog. It is the ideal tool to make your company shine on the internet. An electronic catalog can be distributed in various formats: email, social media, QR code, etc.

In addition to the catalog being read on computer screens, it supports reading on tablets and smartphones. It is usable on Macs and PCs as well as on all smartphones and tablets with iOS or Android operating systems.

A web catalog software program allows you to:

  • Create a flip-able online catalog that can be published on any website or blog
  • Share the catalog via email and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
  • Use the catalog in email signatures via an embed code

Wide range of benefits of digital catalogs


  1. E-catalogs are low on cost – They don’t involve printing costs and can be distributed via email to your database of leads.
  2. They are easy to access – Easy to share, store and access from anywhere, anytime.
  3. They are eco-friendly – They involve less use of paper, thus reducing the carbon footprint on the earth.
  4. They are interactive – They involve many features like adding videos, 3D images, linking to your website pages and social media platforms, and much more!

Create digital catalog that impresses your clients

1) Choose an engaging template – Select a template that goes with your brand. More often than not, catalog makers offer a lot of templates to select from.

2) Show your product descriptions: Create clear and crisp descriptions for each product.

3) Inspire purchasing – Use easy ‘add to cart’ buttons on every product on your catalog so as to inspire purchasing.

4) Use high-quality images – Images are one of the most important components of any digital catalog, so make sure your catalog has a lot of them.

5) Incorporate video content into your pages when possible – Video is an engaging medium that allows users to connect with brands.

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