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In this Instagram powered world, everyone is either going through a glow-up or desperately wanting one. But what is a glow-up? A glow-up is said to be a complete transformation of a person’s appearance, but both of us know that complete transformation is more of a continuous journey than a milestone. There’s always something that we would like to change or improve about ourselves and that’s okay. Intentions are everything!

There comes a point where we need to begin this journey of a glow-up or a reinvention of yourself. And it always seems there is a lot to improve upon and where to start becomes a daunting task!

The best place to begin with your glow-up is your face and we are here to help with some tips that can help you enhance your facial features and assist your glow-up up.

Always Start with Taking Care of Your Skin:

You know what is really attractive and gorgeous? Healthy Skin is! Your glow-up always begins with you making active efforts to make your skin healthier every day. 

If you don’t have a CTM routine (Clean-Tone-Moisturize), then you need to start one today. Ideally you should follow the CTM routine two times every day, in the morning after waking up and at night, right before you go to sleep or rest. Add a good sunscreen during the day and a heavier moisturizer during the night for best results.

If you have skin that has acne or other problems, and keeping your skin clean and eating well is doing nothing to it, then don’t shy away from visiting a dermatologist! 

Healthy skin is going to take you places and even make your glow-up process more smooth and comfortable.

Enhance Your Features and Draw Attention to the Best Ones: 

Your face is made up of various important body parts and features such as your eyes, your nose, your eyebrows, your forehead, and your lips. What is your best facial feature? It can be that you have two or more or your entire face as you favorite facial feature and that is great! Once you identify your face’s best feature, now it’s time to think of ways to enhance these features in a way that makes you look even more attractive then you are now. 

If your eyes are your best features, focus on having luscious and long lashes which are universally desired for their feminine appeal. You can use mascara or fake lashes to give them a temporary length, along with investing in a eyelash enhancing item such as Careprost, which gives you long and thick lashes naturally.

Well-shaped eyebrows will also add the extra exotic charm to your face as well as your eyes so make sure to grow and shape attractive eyebrows.

If your best feature is your nose, try emphasizing it. If your lips are your best feature, keep them plump and luscious using lip balms or lip color if that’s more of your thing.

If you are older and have a lot of wrinkles, frown lines and crow’s feet then try to remove them using age-revitalizing creams or gels for your skin. If you want slightly more quick results within less span of time you can try Allergan Botox for your face which helps you look younger and more radiant by relaxing your facial muscles and slowing down age lines on your face. 

Make use of Accessories to Assist your Glow-up:

Here the focus is on your face, so we will only talk about accessories and things that will transform the way your face looks. 

First of all, let’s talk about the hair on your head, have you ever observed that a good hair style can completely transform the way you look? If you have watched any make over movie, the way your hair looks makes a tremendous change on the way your face looks. Go for styles that are flattering to your face shape. If nothing else, just brush your hairs regularly so you look well-groomed all the time. 

If you are okay with piercing, nose pins and earrings are a great way to draw attention to your face. 

Don’t shy away from wearing make-up, things such as high lighters, blush and other make-up products are your friends if you use them correctly and in a moderate way.

These are just a few ways to enhance your facial features and make it look more put-together, young, and attractive. If you are going for a glow-up I would suggest that you always start with your face, because that is the first thing that people notice about you. Your face is a part that kind of centers your entire body, so even if your body looks the same, some change in the way your face looks is sure to capture attention instantly. 

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