Does crystal jewelry really have healing power?

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Are you thinking of buying wholesale crystal jewelry for your personal use? You’ve always heard about the powers of crystals but you never really knew if the rumors were true? Here we will help you to solve all your doubts.

For millennia, crystals have been highly valued objects by humans, attributing to these stones powers of all kinds, among which are their ability to improve our emotional state and help us feel better about ourselves. It could be said that minerals are considered by many, as the natural antidepressant that nature gives us to help us connect with ourselves again.

However, what are those energetic properties that everyone talks about, including celebrities, but no one has ever known about their origin or how they work? The reality is that science has not been able to give us a clear answer on this subject.


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Although there is no official scientific study that shows that crystals have the ability to emit vibrations capable of modulating the energies of the bodies and minds of those who are close to them, the overall thinking of those who believe in these stones is that they really are powerful and have the ability to modify our mood.


Without going any further, there are celebrities nowadays like Adele who claim to wear a rose quartz stone hidden in their pants whenever they go on stage, indirectly attributing to that crystal the ability to calm her down and bring her luck during all her shows. The only thing that shows is that the most important thing about the functioning or not of these crystals, is not in if they really emit waves; but in believing that they do and that it will make us feel better.


The only scientific evidence we have so far is the study made in 1880 by Pierre Curie, in which he was able to prove that the crystals did indeed have the capacity to generate energy. The study that he carried out consisted in putting different types of crystals under pressure, among them quartz and topaz, observing that depending on the pressure exercised the amount of electricity that the crystals emitted was different.

This phenomenon is called the “Piezoelectric effect”, and is the main reason why thousands of electronic devices of the modern era are composed of microcrystals that improve their operation, as is the case of smartphone screens that are composed mostly of quartz crystal microfragments.

Does this mean that the crystals have powers to attract luck or help you calm your love affair? It doesn’t mean that, but neither does it mean that their ability to emit energy on us is false; it all depends on what you want to believe and the faith you have in the use of these crystals.


If you are totally determined to buy wholesale crystal jewelry and start using them in your daily routine, the first thing you should know is what are the best techniques to start working with these crystals and be able to enjoy their benefits.

There are those who say that everyone should carry a mineral with them, since only when they are in contact with the crystal in a regular way can they start to notice its effects. A good way to achieve this is to buy a crystal in the form of a pendant and always wear it around your neck, preferably inside your shirt and in direct contact with your skin.

crystal necklaces

However, not all crystals have the same function, nor will they act in the same way depending on where you wear them. For example, rose and white quartz have healing powers that fight against love sickness and depression, so it is always good to wear it close to the chest where our negative emotions accumulate. On the other hand, there is also the belief that large crystals have the capacity to absorb bad vibrations inside a room, being ideal to place them in containers of biocompatible materials such as ceramic or brass; avoiding that the flow of energy is interrupted.

In conclusion, to the question of whether crystals work or not, the answer will always be the same: it all depends on the person’s belief in these stones. Because in the end, as with other mystical practices or beliefs, the most important thing is what the person feels about the powers that be, since the simple belief that something can work will eventually make it work; even if there is no scientific evidence to prove it, there will always be people who believe in its power.

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