6 Must-Know Things about Flipbook Software for PC

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This article throws light on flipbook software for PC. Further, it talks about why you should have it.

With the ever-developing technology, more and more software programs have turned up in the market for the convenience of people.

One such software program which has changed the publishing industry to a large extent is flipbook software for PC or page flip software.

In the present time, a large number of publishing houses and business owners who have accepted digitization are using this software program.


1. What is a flipbook?

A flipbook is an interactive digital HTML5 publication that copies the flipping sound, effect, and page shadows of the traditional printed publication.

The flipbook is basically used to replace old school paper publications for instance old school catalogs, old school brochures, old school magazines, old school newsletters.

A flipbook is very similar to its printed counterpart because it gives the feeling of going through a paper printed publication.

2. What is a flipbook software program?

The work of flipbook software for PC is to convert boring PDFs into interactive print-ready publications. More often than not, a flipbook software program provides innovative features such as video and link embedding, lead capture forms, advanced analytics, and much more.

3. Who can be benefitted from flipbook software for PC?

Typically, this can be proved useful for everybody. However, this software program is majorly used by publishers and business owners.

  • If you are a digital marketer, and want to capture leads for your business, you can use this software.
  • If you are a library owner, and want to digitize your books and other documents, you can use this software.
  • If you are a publisher, and want to run an online subscription plan or digitize your publications, you can use this software.
  • If you are a manufacturer, and want to manage products and services, you can use this software.

4. How to use the flipbook software program?

Anyone can use this software program to its full capacity. You do not need to learn any computer coding. Just a few clicks on the mouse and drop and drags & you are ready.

The 4 things you should have to make use of this software are:

  • Flipbook software
  • PDF(s)
  • Internet connection
  • Computer or smartphone

You do not need to be tech-savvy either to use it. Upload your PDF(s) in the software using the drag and drop feature. As soon as you upload the file, it will convert into an astounding flipping book which can be flipped. After that, you got the option to customize your file by changing the theme, colors, logo, fonts, and more. You can add elements such as audios and videos, links, and more.

Once you are done customizing and inserting interactive elements, you can share your flipbook with your friends and relatives. You can also share it on social media websites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

5. Why flipbooks are better than PDFs?

This might be a question that can come up in the minds of a lot of people. Well, as a matter of fact and as earlier mentioned PDFs are boring and do not offer any rich media and interactivity that can hold readers’ interest or engagement for long.

To view a PDF file a reader should have a PDF viewer software program on his computer. On the other hand, a reader does not have to download any third-party software program to view flipbooks.

More often than not, flipbooks have a overwrite function, which can facilitate you to do quick corrections easily and fast without having to re-download and resend (if you have sent it to somebody).

6. You can enjoy insightful stats and analytics with your flipbooks.

Can you expect a free of cost trial from a flipbook software provider? Yes, a lot of software providers in the market now provide free of cost trial owing to the growing competition online. Generally, the trial period of flipbook software for PC ranges between 1 and 3 weeks with no strings attached.

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