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It is a perfect time to look for a new host. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have just passed – it’s the sale time! We have compared services of most major WordPress hosting companies and prepared hosting hosting review for you containing the information about the best deals, offers and bonuses. In this guide, you will find out which companies offer what type of hosting plans, prices, features etc. Also, we made a selection of those with free domains and those with 99% uptime guarantee.

The world’s largest hosting company, GoDaddy, used to have the slogan, “We host more than 100 million domain names.” Now the company has another boast: it has “more than 12 million customers.” GoDaddy’s growth has depended almost entirely on the reach and effectiveness of its advertising. In 2009, the company spent $10.5 million on advertising in the United States. That included $4.5 million for online advertising, $1.5 million for print advertising, and $2.5 million for other types of advertising. GoDaddy’s growth is good for business. But advertisement is a risky business.

Advertising is costly, and there is no guarantee that it will work. If there is even a tiny chance that advertising will fail, then the company should have every reason not to do it. The company’s growth has also depended on two major tricks. First, by bombarding customers with promotional offers, the company has motivated them to buy more, which in turn has motivated them to buy more. The more customers the company buys, the more it can charge them.

Second, the company has discouraged people from leaving. If customers notice that their bills are going up, they will ask to switch hosts. GoDaddy has found ways to discourage that. In 2009 it paid $8.5 million in “domain redemption fees” — charges to customers who switch hosts. By one estimate, GoDaddy charges $9.95 per year for each domain name it owns. That doesn’t sound like much, but in the web hosting business it’s one of the prices you have to live with. An advertisement is an expensive gamble.

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