Your Guide to Hotel Ads and Marketing in Florida

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Florida is a hot tourist destination all year round. With its amazing climate and unmissable beaches, it only makes sense that Florida is a place that people want to go to.

As a hotel owner in Florida, you can benefit greatly from the millions of tourists that come here each year. But how will you ensure that people are staying at your hotel instead of your competitors? What type of hotel ads and marketing can you run to draw in more guests?

We’re here to help you answer these questions. Keep reading for a quick guide on Florida hotel marketing.


Organic SEO Marketing

First, let’s talk about your online presence. Google uses an algorithm called SEO to direct users to specific content on the internet based on their keyword search. For example, if a tourist types in “best hotels in Florida,” the SEO content on your website will determine how quickly they find you.

If you want people comping to your homepage, your SEO game must be on point. You can improve your SEO rankings by writing relevant blog content, registering your site with Google My Business, and using link-building strategies.

This type of Florida hotel marketing strategy should not be overlooked. If you need help building up your SEO, work with a reputable digital marketing agency that can make it happen.

Hotel PPC Advertising

While SEO is important, it will take time to improve your organic rankings. In the meantime, we recommend investing in pay-per-click hotel ads.

These types of hotel ads allow you to pay for top-ranking search results. When a user types in a keyword phrase relevant to your site, you’ll come up at the top of the search results page. Then, you’ll pay Google for each click your link receives.

PPC allows you to set a maximum budget for each week or month. Once your capacity is reached based on the number of clicks your ad receives, it will be disabled so you don’t go over budget.

Social Media Marketing

Finally, let’s take a look at social media hotel marketing. This is one of the best methods for advertising a hotel in Florida. When most people start planning a trip, they research all the fun things to do at or near their destination.

While much of this research is done via Google, a lot of tourists will look to Instagram to find posts related to Florida. If you want to draw in these social media users, post regular content regarding Florida’s amazing attractions, including your hotel.

Use trending and relevant hashtags to ensure you’re coming up in users’ searches. Additionally, invest in paid hotel ads that will ensure your posts land in people’s feeds.

Looking to Draw in More Guests With Your Hotel Ads?

How do you feel about your Florida marketing strategy? Are you running effective hotel ads?

We hope this article provides the insight you need to attract more tourists and guests to your hotel. But if you need more marketing advice, fear not. Our blog is full of content created to help entrepreneurs like you thrive in a competitive business world.

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