How Much Does It Cost to Go to Mongolia?

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  • World’s Largest Campground

Mongolia is best described as a world map.

  • Offers a Unique Experience

Its low population density, nomadic culture, and lack of infrastructure mean it offers a unique experience that is centered on outdoor living and breathtaking scenery.

  • Surprisingly Diverse Country

It is a surprisingly diverse country with landscapes that range from the desert to the steppe and the lake regions in the north.

  • Untouched by Modern Technology

Mongolia has an untouched, pristine feel that gives you the impression that you have stepped into a country untouched by modern technology.

  • Incredibly Welcoming

The people are hospitable, proud, and enhance their creativity.

  • Experience Sleeping in a Ger

A night you experience a sleep in the Ger (or Yurt) with a local family as you brew some camel milk.

  • Sleep Under the Open Sky

The next night you will sleep under the open sky with more stars than you ever imagined possible.

  • Best Time to Visit

The winter months are very cold and windy, so it is best to check the short summer months.

  • Annual Nadam Festival

You could at the same time be on your way to dressing up at this year’s Nadam Festival.

  • Nadam Festival Activities

The Nadam Festival is a public event dedicated to sports, games, and activities.

  • Beautiful Smaller Towns

The largest part is held in the city of Ulaan Batar, but the smaller towns are hosting their own events all over the country.

  • Plan to Visit Nadam Festival

If you do plan to visit during the Nadam Festival, it’s important to make reservations in advance.

  • Time to Visit Mongolia

This is the most popular time to visit Mongolia and reach the top.

  • Tourists Actually Visit Mongolia

While there are only a few excursions to visit the European, the nearest ones come in the summer months.

  • Concentration of Travelers

You will likely find a concentration of travelers in Ulaan Batar either planning their trip or recently returning from their trip.

  • Loveliest and Welcoming People

Mongolians are some of the most popular and welcoming people you will ever meet.

  • Incredibly Proud and Accomplished

Despite living, they are very proud and very human.

  • Undiscovered Destination

Go to Mongolia now, because it will not be long before it leaves us with no way to find it.

  • Cheap Destination

Most of Mongolia is a very expensive place.

  • Transportation Infrastructure

You have to be more perceptive with the help out you give toward other individuals.

  • Travel Is Virtually Impossible

This means that you can travel independently unless you park your car and know how to travel without a road.

  • Price Depending On the Length of Trip

The people had very little traffic. Prices vary depending on the cost depending on the length of the trip, the number of passengers, the comfort level, and the travel company you are writing about.

  • Costs are Reasonable

It’s easy to join a tour once you arrive in the country. This is the best way to ensure your costs are reasonable.

  • Flexibility as You Need

It does require some flexibility as you need to find a group going to the places you hope to see in the same time frame you are hoping to take.

  • Hook You Up With a Tour

Every hotel, hostel, and guest house in Mongolia will either organize their own tours or hook you up with a Mongolia tour package. You need not look very far to find one.

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