How to Maintain Your Cars Air Conditioning During Winter?

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Normally it is observed that in winters it is not required to run a car’s air conditioner. Car air conditioning recharge is equally important in such season. It is because there is no need for it. That is not a joke. But the air conditioner is an essential part of the car. It does not mean that if AC is not in use, it ought to be separated for the winter period. Although it is possible but it is not feasible. When a thing is not in use, it will come into use after a while. For that matter, one needs to maintain the thing. So the air conditioner of the car ought to be maintained during the winter season when it will not be in use.

First of all, think about AC as a machine. Mechanical things are to be in action. Maximum possibility of their redundancy, if they are out of use. That is why it is normally recommended that AC should be running for certain times once in a week. Duration can vary. But it should be on with full potential, not for the sake of making the car climate more cool but to maintain its running capacity up to the mark.

There are some kind of lubricants of AC which move when it is on. When for months, it is not used, those lubricants are not in use and they freeze to their original positions. In summer, those will be required to change. That is why using it for ten minutes per week will lubricate all pipes and rubber seals of the whole machine of AC.

There is another requirement. In the winter season, moisture comes inside the windshield and other mirrors. Using AC at normal speed removes them effectively. In this way, use of AC comes in practice. In this way, it will be maintained.

One can use AC and heater at the same time. When it feels that it is unbearable to start AC, one can start the heater at the same time. In this way, it is possible to run AC for being active and heater for maintaining the climate of the car.

“Air-conditioning systems use refrigerant” says Sam Sihra, “and that conveys an uncommon oil that greases up the blower’s cylinders or vanes. So on the off chance that you leave it turned off for extensive stretches, there’s a lucky break the blower could take advantage of.”

Sihra says present day vehicles are moving back to increasingly solid grip instruments that switch off the blower by shutting flow valves once that chilled air is not, at this point required. Additionally, any elastic channeling highlights seals, and those seals rely upon the flowing refrigerant to keep them greased up and forestall contracting which causes spills.

It also dries the air preventing mold and bacteria from growing in the air vents.

It is a very clear position on maintaining the AC, that is use it or lose it. So use of AC is essential for the time being in winter is for prolonging the life of the AC. Installing new AC is quite costly for vehicles. So no one wants to destroy their AC system just because it is not in use. That is why maintaining is the only option. Normally people maintain their car AC. In various countries, the winter season is almost six months long. For these countries, cars need to use AC per week in winters to maintain the health of AC. It is not that hectic work to do. It is easy to do. But it needs proper care to do it per week. Otherwise, at the end the of winter, your car cooling system can heavily charge your pocket.

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