How to make a PDF flip book

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Currently the market of PDF to flip book converter software has been growing at a great pace. But there are certain things which you are required to take care of and should complete as soon as you are done transforming your PDF to page flip. These things would not call for much time and effort. If you are looking for how to make a PDF flip book and what are the steps involved, then you are reading the right article.


1 – What the appearance of your page flip book is telling you:

Once your page flipping software that is hosted on a certain site, is accomplished transforming your PDF file, you’ll be directed to your account where the preview image of your converted page is available counting other options. You can click the view page flip button and it will direct you to your converted publication.

Typically, the two most general problems with the appearance of your flip book are the existence of squished or blurry appearance, which may arise while converting your PDF into a flip book. Squished appearance can be encountered when the PDF file pages are not properly separated, whereas fuzzy appearance can be encountered when the resolution of the PDF isn’t set right.

2 – The process of editing

As soon as you are done with the appearance of your flip book and posted on your site, it’s the time for editing. You can edit and customize the functionalities of your flip book, nonetheless the topmost functionalities to look for are the color of the interface, the background color counting other icons, and more. Make certain that the color of your flip book matches with the theme of your website.

If you wish to facilitate other visitors to download your flipbook, you might click the check box to allow this functionality. Also, you can disable or enable other functionalities for instance flip book sound, zooming in and out, printing, emailing to a friend, viewing HTML version, sharing publication, and much more.

3 – Adding links

Third step involved in the process of how to make a PDF flip book is incorporation of links. The great thing about flip book is that you can add as many links as you want in it. You can create inbound links, outbound links, affiliate marketing links, links to other products, links to videos, links to emails, links to social media platforms, and more. This function of flip book provides Search Engine Optimization benefits as well.


4 – Publishing it on your site

The final thing you are required to carry out after transforming your PDF into a flip book is to publish it over your website which is of course simply a cakewalk.

Above mentioned 4 steps are involved in the process of how to make a PDF flip book. You should carefully follow the steps to make a perfect flip book.

Talking about choosing flip book maker software, you have to put into account a number of factors. The first factor that counts is no doubt the experience of the software vendor. Make sure the vendor has sufficient experience of serving clients of different industries under its belt. Experience gives knowledge and problem solving ability, therefore the experience of the software vendor comes on top. Another factor that counts is the reputation of the software vendor. Make certain the vendor has an awesome reputation in the industry.

Free trial

Generally, the software vendor offers a free of cost trial in order that the prospect gets hands-on experience of their software program. You should also avail this opportunity if the vendor is offering you with one.

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