Huge Facts about Golden Triangle India Tour

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Here you will know the golden triangle tour package. You must read all about it. Further, we will cover the coverage of distance by road & the time between the two cities.

The golden triangle of India is a tourist circuit that connects three cities of India and together the circuit for the set of these cities is called a Golden Triangle. It is a well-known tourist spot all over the world and people from different countries visit here in a good number every year. There are diverse customizations probable.

For example, you can opt the golden triangle tour package with Ranthambore. It is a very nice place and you can have the opportunity to learn various new things about the culture of India. You only need to confirm whether you are getting a good and experienced guide. Some important facts related to the golden triangle of India that can create more interest when you visit it.


Coverage of Distance by Road

You can plan a trip to the Golden Triangle by car or by any other personal vehicle if you are comfortable with driving and travelling on road. The distance between the three cities is easily managed by using a four-wheeler. You can also visit on bikes as a motor biking tour if you are more adventurous. It can be done if you are travelling with friends. The total distance is only a thousand kilometres if you go by road.

The Time between the Two Cities

Finally decided to travel using then you must know the number of hours required to travel from one city to another is only four to six hours. It means that you do not have to travel for a long time also because 2 hours of travelling time is common these days while commuting between home and office. You can also stop in between the journey and go for refreshments and small motels on the way.

Shatabdi Express

Shatabdi Express is one train that is going to cover all the three cities of the Golden Triangle. If you are planning to go by train because of some problems in the car, for example, some people suffer from giddiness or vomiting sensation in cars; it is the best option for them. You do not have to know about various trains.

Timing of Shatabdi Express and book your tickets

Just find out the timing of Shatabdi Express and book your tickets accordingly. You need to take care of one point. If you are planning to travel by train and that is: you must not carry a lot of luggage because it will be difficult for you to carry it all the time while visiting the three cities of the golden triangle. All these facts are sufficient to make the journey of the golden triangle tour very easy. I hope you are clear with the most convenient option available for you planning a tour to the Golden Triangle. You can also share these facts with your friends so that they can also plan their tour better because maintaining health is the most important concern during a journey. If yours or anybody’s health is no fine due to the mode of transport, it might be difficult for you.

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