Interesting Facts about Myanmar Tour Packages

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Are you looking to find some interesting facts about Myanmar before your visit? Learning some of Myanmar’s many fun things gives you an insight into the country’s culture and traditions, which in turn will enhance your travel experience. Here are fun facts about Myanmar tour packages that any tourist should know before their trip.

  1. Myanmar Water Festival

The Water Festival of Myanmar, also known as Thingyan. It is one of the largest festivals in the country. Thousands of people take to the streets for a great fight for water to celebrate the Burmese New Year in April. Everyone has a lot of fun and it is one of the most important facts about Myanmar culture that you should know as a tourist. Participating is probably the best travel experience you can have here.

  • Longyi in Myanmar

Longyi is a traditional garment worn by both men and women throughout Myanmar. A large 2 meters cloth is wrapped around the lower half of the body similar to a sarong. People use this for almost any occasion. You will see men wearing a Longyi shirt as they go to the office, and women lounging in their tents in one. The difference between the Longyi for men and women is the pattern and how the knot is tied. Men allow their knots to hang down the front, while women place it inside. Tourists find this traditional outfit intriguing and will often try it for themselves, to the amusement of the locals. But you may have to wear one, especially if you are dressed inappropriately to enter a religious building.

  • Myanmar Still Uses the Imperial System

Very few countries measure things using the Imperial System. This means they measure weight in pounds and distances in inches rather than the most common kilograms and centimeters. Only the United States and Liberia retain this system. Just is careful looking at the Myanmar facts and figures to make sure you get the correct measurement!

  • Preferred Method of Carrying Things Is On the Head

This is one of the most unusual facts about Myanmar tour packages that you will notice quite often when visiting and traveling around the country. People, especially women, tend to carry things on their heads instead of using their hands. Foreigners are surprised at first and automatically think of travel programs in Africa. But carrying things on your head is quite popular and is a more convenient method of transportation. You can expect to see vendors carrying food on a large metal plate or even a basket full of weekly purchases on their heads.

  • Kingdom of Pagan

In the 12th and 13th centuries, a large and powerful kingdom flourished on the plains of central Myanmar. The kings built a succession of ancient temples and pagodas, which became a center for Theravada Buddhism. This was also the birthplace of Burmese mastery of culture and language in present-day Myanmar. Visiting the temples in modern Bagan is one of the best things that people do when visiting the country. You can see more than 2000 religious monuments in a very small area and experience the best sunset of your life.

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