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Brain pool is an AI consultancy that is a man-made reasoning consultancy that represents considerable authority in creating bespoke AI answers for businesses.​ We construct groups of AI analysts making forefront AI calculations and experts with long periods of industry experience to create and execute bespoke AI answers for organizations.

Brain pool is a worldwide organization of 500 high level computerized reasoning and AI experts.​ We assemble groups of AI analysts creating front line AI calculations and experts with long periods of industry experience to create and carry out bespoke AI answers for businesses.​

Our AI specialists work across a range of ventures to guarantee simple on boarding and compelling arrangements. Each number addresses the complete individuals with experience in every industry.

Artificial intelligence experience 

With specializations across all AI consultancy and ML disciplines, we guarantee there is a Data Scientist or Engineer to fit any task. Different scope of involvement and capabilities permits us to guarantee the greatest up-and-comers inside any spending plan.


Brain pool empowers associations to get to probably the best personalities in AI and influence their insight and ability to tackle the most squeezing business challenges. We oversee work processes to guarantee consistent arrangement of AI arrangements, making the hypothetical work by and by.

This is in no way, shape or form the degree of abilities in the Brain pool. Our enrolment is knowledgeable about a huge collection of coding dialects and AI conditions. Whatever you are searching for in an AI master, Brain pool has individuals for you. Reach out to discover how we can help you on your AI venture.

Benefits of collaborating

Top notch quality of AI consultancy -Access elite psyche in each information science discipline, all around the world​

Agile and responsive- there are wide range of agile skills for any industry

Speed- experts are recruited and immediate teams are set up for the recruitment

As there are different processes and procedures involved in AI consultancy, there are varied kinds of themes of artificial intelligence.


Automated systems act self-rulingly and perform assignments with almost no human association all the while. Computerization can likewise support proficiency and profitability by smoothing out high volume, dull errands, decreasing freedom for human blunder and operational, preparing and IT administration costs. Presenting components of mechanization can add esteem where people genuinely dominate, for example, relationship building, innovative reasoning and authority.

The genuine grains of automation are not accomplished by supplanting people with machines. All things being equal, it is accomplished by perceiving what is naturally prepared and skilled to perform and utilizing the collaborations between the two to make better results for people and business.

Predictive analytics

Making expectations based on patterns and examples in current and chronicled information utilizing the accessible information to make forecasts about inaccessible information to educate future dynamic. Such experiences assist the business with bettering and plan for various conditions and situations. Joining prescient investigation with human mastery and experience helps the pioneers settle on better key and operational choices.

Utilizing the force of prescient investigation is the way to turn into an understanding driven association. The prescient capacity will turn into a key differentiator and wellspring of upper hand, a priceless instrument in your business knowledge munitions stockpile as a way to help the association settle on more brilliant choices about a dubious future.

Pattern and anomaly detection

Example and irregularity location includes filtering through huge measures of information to find examples and patterns and inconsistencies that are special cases. The idea of irregularities relies upon the setting however the example is the surprising or sudden case that offers new knowledge or large information.

 Having this capacity empowers your business to recognize likely dangers, dangers and openings that are excessively mind boggling for a human spot among the size, assortment and speed of large information.

The capability of irregularity discovery is that permits your business to recognize anomalies and start estimates important to distinguish and naturally react to keep away from or alleviate possible dangers and dangers or foster a technique to abuse a likely new chance.

Hyper personalization

 Hyper personalization is the advancement from one size fits all way to deal with one tailor interchanges, administration conveyance, and experience to the individual client. This implies applying bits of knowledge into client’s necessities, interests, and practices into each communication, commitment, and touch point.

Clients are coming to demand customized encounters. They anticipate that every engagement should be client driven, intelligent of their individual necessities, and assisting them with finding items and administrations that advantage them.

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The business care for personalization is clear to stay significant, brands should customize encounters and results to the client level. This shift can expand brand dedication and fabricate a drawn out relationship with client’s rather conditional one.

Conversation and human interaction

A key barrier to human-machine interaction has been the inability of machines to effectively understand and respond to the primary communication method, speech.

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