5 Important PPC Advertising Mistakes You Must Avoid In 2021

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2020 is just about to end and the new year is about to welcome the marketers to adopt new marketing techniques and business scopes. Among the best possible digital marketing techniques, PPC advertising is the most demanding approach.

We all are aware of the benefits of PPC advertising and management services. But do you know, a single mistake in this advertising technique can bring multiple drawbacks? Unfortunately, yes.

Often, we find marketers are struggling with PPC-oriented mistakes. For example, an ad without a landing page, creating a single ad, using the normal keywords, and so on. The experts belonging to a reputed PPC management company in Delhi help a lot in optimizing the ads based on the growing trends.

Here in this article, we will talk about the mistakes an advertiser usually suffers from.


5 Important PPC advertising mistakes to avoid in 2021

1. Forgetting about a landing page

Have you come across some advertisements that contain no link to a landing page? Such ads are meaningless. While creating a PPC ad, if you forget to build a landing page and use the link in the ad, you are missing out on a wide targeted audience.

Hardly a few potential clients will prefer to browse your website and find the exact page to perform the action. More traffic generates only when the online users find an appropriate link to a landing page attached with the ad itself. Without such links, it is hard to generate the best possible results online.

Create a powerful landing page that serves the purpose of the advertisements. For example, if your ad is about registering your service, you can create a landing page that allows users to fill up a registration form. Make sure the landing page is attractive, user-friendly, easy to navigate, and easy to understand.

2. Creating a single ad for promotion

PPC advertisement doesn’t mean you should stick to only a single ad creation. To ensure your ad will generate high traffic, click-through rates, and conversions, creating multiple ads for the same purpose and comparing them with each other is necessary.

Create at least two or three ads and make a comparison to determine which particular ad is performing well or have the potential to generate the optimal result. You can evaluate the result by undergoing a split test or A/B test.

3. Using the broad keywords for targeting

Many of you feel there is no mistake behind targeting the broad keywords for a PPC ad. But dear, this is where you go wrong.

Targeting broad keywords is an unnecessary waste of money and effort. Since PPC advertising is the most expensive technique, you have to be smart enough to use your budget in the right way.

Instead of targeting the broad keywords, go for modified broad keywords or exact match keywords. This will help you targeting the right audience for your ad and gaining more visibility along with a huge volume of conversions. Since 2021 will be a year of making ideal targets, choosing your keywords carefully is very necessary.

4. No monitoring

What about monitoring and measuring your ads? All PPC ads are easy to measure and easy to calculate the analytics. To know whether your ads are going well and performing better in the market, you must have deep analytics on your ad.

Simply by deriving a report on a few performance metrics like – click-through rates, number of traffic, number of viewers, cost-per-click, cost-per-acquisition, etc. you can make a good understanding of your ad.

5. Jumping into PPC advertising without understanding

Many people have a habit of jumping into some trending technique without even understanding the benefits and drawbacks of it.

PPC advertising is a wide concept. It is not everyone’s cup of tea actually. Only the experts who have good knowledge of the technique can perform the job with perfection. Therefore, instead of running behind something which you have zero knowledge, you must gain a good understanding. This will help you find the best PPC tools and techniques and even the best experts from the market.


Making mistakes while performing PPC advertising is very common. But that doesn’t mean you will ignore everything and wait for the right time to make your ad work.

Know your mistakes where you have gone wrong and improve them to attain a better result from your PPC advertising strategy. You can look for the PPC experts of the best digital marketing company to manage your digital advertisements.

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