Printed Catalogs Vs Digital Catalogs: Choose Wisely!

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Without a doubt, you need to adapt to the latest advertising and marketing strategies to be a leader in your industry, and you have to cover various avenues so as to increase your market potential. The same thing applies when it comes to catalogs. Adapting your style of doing and marketing your business to the present market needs are important for surviving. For those that need catalogs for their firm, it is significant to comprehend how your customers are presently accessing your information & how they will be accessing it in the future.

Companies that are prepared will be successful. Therefore, it is significant to understand the value both paper printed and digital catalogs can provide your customers. A catalog is an effective medium to showcase the world what your business has to offer.

In this write-up, we talk about catalogs and highlight some important points on the debate ‘printed catalogs vs digital catalogs’. 


Benefits offered by printed catalogs

Tangible experience

When you present somebody with a paper catalog, he is likely to stop and have a look at it. More attention is given to that piece of paper material & they are more inclined to spend time viewing at it. The customer’s senses would get involved in the scented pages and glossy texture of the catalog.

No internet connectivity needed

Your customers can instantly look at your paper printed catalogs resting on their desks. They don’t need an internet connection to view your catalogs. Further, there are people who still want to receive paper printed materials in their mailboxes. They would certainly like to handle paper catalogs.

Why people are giving up paper printed catalogs

Higher printing costs & overheads

Businesses have to spend a lot of dollars on printing, binding, and distribution of the old school paper printed catalogs. As a result, they limit themselves to sending only a couple of catalogs in a year to their customers. Further, in view of the logistics costs, they limit themselves to targeting only the customers that are within their reach.

Updates can’t be made easily

If you want to update your paper printed catalog, it can’t be done easily and quickly. Further, if anything is printed incorrectly in your catalog you need to reprint it all together, and thus you need to make sure that the copy, images, logo, and everything are correct prior to sending it to the printers.

They are not environment friendly

As we all know paper comes from trees and thus millions of trees can be saved from being chopped down if we all give up paper printed publications. Further, fuel is burned to transport paper publications.  In the present time when our planet is facing a lot of environmental problems, you can present yourself as a responsible business owner by using eco-friendly products.

Benefits offered by digital catalogs

Add interactive elements

Unlike paper printed catalogs, digital catalogs are not limited to plain text & images. As a matter of fact, you can add videos, slideshows, animations, pop-ups, and many other interactive elements to your digital catalog and make it more engaging.

Track user behavior

In the world of digital cataloging, you can track user behavior in real-time. You can track several important things for instance which pages and ads are getting the most views, which devices are used to view your content, etc. You can plan your future content marketing and promotional strategies based on these data.

Use as a lead generator

You can use your digital catalog as a lead generator by embedding forms and pop-ups into it.

Broader reach

Your customers can access your digital catalog from anywhere and at any time. You can also use the power of social media to increase your customer base.

Choosing between a paper catalog and digital catalog

When it comes to choosing between a paper printed catalog and a digital catalog, you need to consider certain factors such as your budget, your target audience, your products & services, etc.

However, as discussed at the starting of this write-up, you have to be futuristic if you want to be in the business in the long run and no doubt digital is the future.

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