Save Your Ears from Mask Straps: How? bbSNAPS

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Let’s welcome the new normal with practicality and comfort in mind. BibBoards realized the versatile use of the bbSNAPS for the comfort and practical use, as we move into a new way of living while dealing with a pandemic.


You’re tasked to keep yourself and loved ones, especially children and the elderly, protected by wearing masks and other personal protective equipment. Wearing masks all day, and sometimes until the evening, can take its toll on the ears.

Skin Sores Behind the Ears is real

bbSNAPS are snaps that can preserve the skin behind the ears from getting sore and irritated. When a face mask is worn all day, the movement of the strings that keep the mask in place can irritate the skin. The mask moves when we talk, yawn, cough, sneeze, and even when we laugh, cry, or just need to move or adjust the mask. To protect you, your children and the elderly from soreness and irritation, bbSNAPS are placed on baseball hats, beufonts, headbands to relieve pressure and prevent skin irritation. Looking for bbSNAPS face mask ear savers? Then you must know the facts that why it is very important.

Here are a few facts in the new “normal”:

  • Wearing masks on a daily basis can cause fatigue to the earlobes as well as soreness and skin irritation. The pulling and movements of the masks rub against the skin behind the lobe.
  • Growing number of businesses including, airlines, retail shops, hospitality and food services, and manufacturing companies always necessitate the wearing of masks. Customers are also asked to do the same on their premises and property.
  • Many governors of states are imposing mandatory use of facial masks as well as other protective gear of constituents outside their home.
  • Companies that require the wearing of masks on their premises include Costco, Whole Foods, Delta, American United, Air Canada, Uber, American Eagle, Verizon, Walgreens and many other retail, air, and service businesses.
  • Facial masks are first line protection from the dreaded COVID-19 disease. Masks are a precautionary measure to help us not spread the disease as well as protect us from it.
Prevent Ear Discomfort-Mask Snap & Hooks

bbSNAPS to The Rescue

bbSNAPS were first invented to clean up the sporting world from the dreaded safety pins. And now they are being used for a much more important purpose. They reduce discomfort and skin irritation caused by wearing masks every day.

Here are the facts about bbSNAPS that make them effective being part of your protective gear:

  • Reusable – They can be used repeatedly, whilst staying effective in keeping the mask in place, no matter the movement.
  • Easily Lodged Through – The bbSNAPS are easily lodged through hats, headbands, bandanas, and other headwear without piercing. They are safe to use and do not cause damage to materials.
  • Convenient – They offer more convenience to people who wear glasses, goggles, earrings, hearing aids, and headphones. Keeping the straps of masks off the ears gives way to wear devices, essential eyewear, and earpieces safely and conveniently.
  • Fun Designs – The bbSNAPS are customizable. They can also be used to promote brands. And because they are reusable, there’s the assurance your design or brand will be noticed for a long time.
  • Giving it Forward – is always committed in serving communities. There are two pairs of bbSNAPS in each package. So, you get two for the price of one to share or keep. And the best part, for every purchase you make, gives a pair to a front-line healthcare provider.

bbSNAPS make wearing facial masks more comfortable, convenient, and less of a health hazard, especially now that we are facing a new normal. We need all the convenience and comfort we can get when we go outside our homes. And we get to help our new heroes – the frontline health workers

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