5 Different Types of printed circuit board or PCB

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A PCB or printed circuit board is a standard electronic part in several different electronic machines, like computers, aircrafts, washing machines, television sets, radars, etc. They are manufactured from a range of materials; the most popular ones are laminate & fiberglass.

Further, the type of circuit board could contrast with the planned usage. Let us shed some light on the top 5 PCB types available in the market:

  1. Single or one sided: This is the most basic circuit board and is manufactured with a one or single layer or typical material. This one layer has a copper conductive coated material. This may or may not have a silk screen coat or a shielding solder mask resting on the layer of copper.This type of printed circuit board is majorly used when customers are looking for mass production keeping in view of the fact the production cost of this type of PCB is comparatively low.
  1. Double or 2 sided: This is very much similar to the one or single sided, nonetheless the only difference is that which is quite clear with the name that it has the conductive material coated on the 2 sides. It has got many holes to compose it effortlessly to fix metal parts from the top to foot side.Double sided printed circuit board improves operational litheness and is an amazing alternative to make the more complex circuit designs. It is also a cost effective option for businesses.

    No doubt, this is not a pragmatic choice for the densest circuits and is not competent to complement with the technology which curtails electromagnetic interference. They are generally employed in amplifiers, power observing systems, as well as testing gear.

  1. Multitude of layers: Multitude of layers or multi layered printed circuit boards are manufactured with added layers of conductive coated material. The huge no. of layers that may go up to 34 or more signifies it is practical to get a circuit design with extremely high litheness. The single layers are separated by exclusive insulating materials as well as substrate board.Businesses choose this type of PCB owing to its compact size that aids to bank space as well as weight in a rather small product. Further, they become the first choice of businesses when it is essential to make use of a high speed circuit.
  1. Flex circuit board: Flex or flexible printed circuit board is an amazingly flexible circuit board. It is not just built with a flex layer, nonetheless could also be purchased in the one, 2, or multi layered boards.They serve as an astounding choice when you wish to save space as well as weight when designing a particular gadget. Moreover, they are used for amazing ductility and low weight. Though, the flex nature of the board could at times make them tougher to use.


  1. Rigid: The rigid printed circuit board is manufactured with a solid, non flex material for its layers. They are used by businesses when it comes to compactness and handling dense circuit designs. The added advantage of rigid or non flexible printed circuit board is that with it the signal paths are quite effortless to arrange and the competency to maintain & repair is so simple.If you are looking for any type of PCB or printed circuit board, then look no further than Optimatech. Optimatech has years of experience under its belt to serve clients of different industries. It used modern technology and equipment. In a nutshell, it has a long list of happy and satisfied clients. You can use the website of Optimatech to fill your requirements and request a quote.
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