Best Free Video Editing Softwares

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These days videos are one of the most important part of marketing brands are focusing more on social media platform than Television Ads and videos are playing the major part of there marketing campaign.

So big brands have the good budget so that they buy big expensive software but there are many people who are just starting out or they do not have proper budget so for them here the best free video editing software.

Also selecting the best software is a important part as you will be able to create a great video with great software and on the other hand if you select the bad one you have to suffer a lot as they will not give you the features you want.

And the amount of video software are available in the market can easily confuse people to select the right on with the right features but you don’t have to worry about that i will do the work for you and below you will get some of the best video editing softwares.

And by using these software you can create your videos which can increase your conversion rate up to 144% and sometimes even more than that.

So let’s see them what are they and what benefit you will get from them.


Windows Moviemaker 10

If you are a windows user then you must have seen or heard about this software as in most of the Windows Operating System this application Pre-installed.

So this is a completely free of cost application which let you do the basic thing with your videos, so if you are just starting out this can be a decent option to choose.

This application is great one for editing short videos with some basic editing features like you can music, title and credits.


So this is our second software which is available foe the Mac, Windows, and Linux and also it is completely free of cost for its customer.

And if you want something that works with all the three operating software then this software is the best software available to date.

Although it is open-source software that anyone can use without paying anything they provide awesome features with the software which can satisfy most of your video editing need.

Also, you can do video masking with this free software which makes it a great software that provides you almost everything you need.

You will get so many different features with software like Chroma Vectorspace, Live Preview, Audio Mixing, Speed Control, and many more that will simply amaze you.


Another great software which most of the people are already aware it as most of the newbie use this software to edit their videos and in the version of the application you can see a watermark in the edited video.

So this software is the best for you if you want to edit your videos on your mobile, and also with this application, you can simply edit your video from anywhere and anytime.

It provides awesome features that is almost enough for you if you are just starting out and you do not want to pay for an editing software.


Another open-source video editing software where you do not have to pay anything to upgrade the software to use the premium feature of the application.

You can simply use all the features of the software without paying anything, and also this software is available and accessible to all the platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

And the best feature of the application is it support 4k resountion and that even for completely free of cost.

Final Words

So these are some of the best Video editing software that you use to create awesome video s without paying anything to anyone.

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