What is a Social Media Content Calendar and Why do you Need One?

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Social media is the place where you connect with people, share your life’s moments and grow your audience. If you are not active on social media, you are missing out on potential customers. Therefore, it is vital to be active so you could promote your content and grow your audience base. But in order to be successful it is important to have a proper scheduling system in place so you will look in control in front of your audience.

What is a Social Media Calendar?

A social media calendar is a plan for what you’re going to publish across your social media channels in a given time frame. People often think of a content calendar and a social media calendar as being the same thing. But there are some scenarios where they’re different. Before we go further, this article also discusses what you can post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

How to create a Social Media Calendar? Why use a Social Media Calendar?

A Social Media Calendar is a tool that helps you plan and schedule content to share on social networks. It can be used by individuals and businesses who are managing multiple social media accounts or managing social media marketing campaigns. Creating a Social Media Calendar allows you to plan ahead and determine what content (text, photos, videos, etc.) you want to share when. It allows you to easily create posts ahead of time and schedule them to post at a specific time in the future. With most social media platforms, the sharing process happens on a real-time basis. Therefore, it is beneficial to plan and schedule posts in advance. You can use a Social Media Calendar to plan content for your entire social media profile or specific content for specific networks. Most Social Media Calendars allow you to set posting preferences. These preferences can range from which social networks you want the content to be shared to when you want to post. Social media marketing is time consuming and can be time-consuming. Using a Social Media Calendar can alleviate some of that stress by allowing you to easily create content in advance and schedule it to post at a later time. Using a Social Media Calendar can help you gain a greater return on investment by ensuring your posts are shared when the right audience is online.

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