Which one is Better Social Media Platform or Blogging Platform?

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The debate of deciding the better one between social media platforms and blogging platform is never-ending. People are confused about why they must invest their time blogging when they can just post a 2-lined caption on social media. Some are thinking about the intricacies of social media platforms and think that blogging is way more convenient than social media marketing. The question here is which one is really a good option. Social media experts are in power because of the growing popularity of social media platforms. However, the importance of blogs hasn’t still faded away.


Blogs Are Evergreen

Social media content is often temporary and stays on your timelines for a few days, while blogs are evergreen. The reason why blogs are more credible is that Google recognizes the content and allows bloggers to publish it. You can publish a blog, rank it on Google, and it will stay there as long as time will stay. You can write down your keyword even after years of writing the blog, and you will find your blog directly.

Time and Attention Is More Focused on Blog

The major goal of your social media marketing company in London may be deriving the attention of your customers with exotic pictures and catchy captions. However, your customers’ attention is short-lived on social media platforms than that of a blogging platform. The reader’s attention and time of stay on a social media platform are much shorter than a blogging platform because of the amount of content and information.

Streaming Gets Easier

A social media platform cannot stay connected with all the other social channels. However, a blog can become a hub in connecting all the social media content, websites, and other channels. You can stream your whole website and promote your services or products through a single channel that is your blog page. The thing you need to understand is that both blogging and social media marketing works side by side. No individual platform can go on working without the other.

Social Media Enhances Relationships

Building relationships is the most important factor in the marketing industry. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are doing. Whether you are leading a traveling company, food-related services, or the beauty industry, relationships with other companies promote and expands your business better. It can also help you know about other potential customers interested in your services.

Social Media Increase Visibility

The promotion of your services and products depend on how popularly visible they are among your potential customers. Almost everyone today is using social media to stay connected to the world. Social media platforms increase the visibility of your brand and increase the chances for a sales boost.

Final Thought

It will be wrong to say that the social media platform is better than blogging or blogging is better than social media. Both platforms have their role to play, and one platform cannot perform effectively without the presence of the other

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